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Buy Home Furnishings and Decor Items at Best Prices Online in India at Saral Home

Setting up a new home is an exciting experience. From doing new walls and bringing home new furniture to selecting the decor accessories, you could say it’s a deeply unique experience. Your home says who you are and what you believe in, so be a proud and picky person. Every little detail counts and makes your home stand apart from the mainstream homes.

Once you’re all set with the backbone of your house like the big furniture, then comes time for the slightly smaller stuff, the bits and bobs and everything in between. Home furnishing items like vases, rugs, curtains and many more bring a breath of fresh air into your house.

Explore the range of home furnishings online at Saral home

Refresh your home with a collection of curated home furnishing items online. Easy to select and buy, your dream decor is just a click away.

  1. Oh! so stylish sofa covers

There are different types of sofas, which means there are equally or more different sofa covers available on the market. They can be used to cover the sofa in a traditional style like you would cover your bed or you could also use one of these as a throw to create a picture-worthy interior.

Different types of sofa covers include velvet, yarn, reversible, and more. If you want a plush look, you can easily transform your sofa into a luxurious looking place to sit with velvet sofa covers. These are soft to sit on and are warm in feel. Use them during winters to make the most of your cover.

Yarn sofa covers and throws can be kept all year round. Pick neutral colours like brown, grey, black and shades of red as they are timeless and bring out the personality of your sofa.

If you have kids at home, why not indulge them in a home decorating experience? At Saral home, we’ve got cartoon character-themed covers like Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, Shinchan and Doraemon. Easy to clean and easy to keep, these will keep your little ones’ imagination flowing.

All the sofa covers are machine-washable. However, do read the instructions before your set your washing as colours may shed a little in the first wash.

  1. Calm-inducing bed covers

A bed occupies most of the footprint of your bedroom so it’s important that your bed covers complement your interiors. It’s a place where you resort to reset yourself. Curling up with a good book and a cup of chamomile tea is a dream come true for so many of us in this fast-paced life. A calming atmosphere inside your bedroom can pave way for it.

To pick for yourself, good bed linen, a lot matters on the interiors of your home. We have a wide range of colours and materials in bed covers that suit most interior styles including modern and traditional. Cotton, handmade bed covers are timeless and comfortable for you. They enhance the look of your room.

Some of our collection is made with up to 400 thread counts, which only means one thing. Smoother on your skin and denser in thickness.

These bed covers come with 2 pillowcases. Perfect for a duo having a king size bed. While choosing colours, we’d suggest you pick light, bright colours to keep the look fresh. And, when it comes to taking care, handwash and air dry as these are durable and colourfast. Easy-peasy.

  1. Dress your floor with carpets

Welcome home safer, cushioned floors. If you are a fan of hardwood floors, carpets are made for you. They can also protect the floor tiles from breakage. Not confining yourself to it, carpets are also great for families with small children. It provides them with a pad to cushion their fall while they play. Carpets also make a statement look in offices.

When it comes to buying a carpet for home, look for a strong rubber backing so that your carpet doesn’t shift and stays intact. The carpet should have a soft touch so that it doesn’t hurt your feet.

Look for neutral colours as they can tie your room together. A brown, grey, and black base is a great start for houses with modern interiors.

Wet or damp carpets are a big no-no as they hold dust particles that are harmful to your health. Take care of your carpet by vacuuming and air drying under the hot sun to let all the dampness go away. In case of spills, spot clean the stains and dirt with a wet cloth and let your carpet dry.

  1. Doormats

The first thing anyone comes across when they enter your door is the door mat. The best types of door mats are a merger of style and function. They look good while also making for a good base to clean off the dirt from your shoes before your enter the area.

What makes a doormat durable is the material it is built from. E.g. acrylic yarn is the perfect choice for domestic doormats. For outdoor use, a doormat with an open backing is one of the best options as it can dry up faster.

Size-wise, a doormat should be as wide as your front door. It makes a notable entrance and can help keep your entrance protected from dirt. Also, when looking for density, long and thick isn’t always the rule of thumb. Sometimes, shorter piles with poker-straight brushes are great to remove dirt off your shoes.

You can select the design you relate to the most. A quirky few words like ‘shoes off’ or a warm and welcoming design to say ‘home sweet home.’ The choice is yours.

  1. Playful kids mats

Expecting a child at home means baby-proofing the house in the coming months as they grow. Kids mats play a huge role in covering the otherwise hard floors that your baby can crawl, play, and lie down on. But it’s not only the safety factor that they offer now. Mats are also becoming a way of helping your baby learn.

Keep their imagination going with fun and fantastic kids' mats. Coming in different shapes, sizes and themed characters, these are great to keep them engaged away from gadgets while also protecting their little feet from getting dirty.

Kids learn through their surroundings. So including as many objects as possible to help them watch and learn in their routine is the best way to make them aware of the world. Introduce your little one to nature with rainbows and butterflies. Or if they are tending towards sports, perhaps you could get a baseball or football-shaped mat.

Select a mat that ticks off these points for starters. They should look attractive. Kids are always attracted to colours so make sure you get something that keeps them curious. Comfort and safety are as important. Think of how fast babies grow so invest in a mat that can last for months, if not years. As your kid is going to explore the mat and spend most of the time on it, select something resistant. An easy to spot clean or wipe clean mat can be the thing for when your kids spill food.

  1. Statement rugs

A large part of home furnishing is about making sure your cover the bases. Yes, we mean the floor. Whether you get a standout piece of furniture, or a good coffee table or a thing as simple as a rug but it’s just one thing that has the ability to tie the entire look together.

When buying a rug online, make sure to check for the design as it’ll say a lot about how it could be used. If function > style for you, then go for a thick pile and simple rugs made with natural fibres like jute, wool, cotton and silk. These could be a tad bit on the higher side but they can last longer as well.

If you want a piece to show off, a delicate, vintage-style rug is your pick. It looks attractive and also grabs attention instantly. We’d like to call it a head-turner.

For cleaning your rugs, synthetics can be easily spot cleaned and steam cleaned. For wool rugs that are knotted with hands, you can clean them by adding dish soap on the dirty spot only and then use a toothbrush with soap and water to remove the dirt.

  1. Yoga mats for a smoother workout

As simple and basic as they sound, yoga mats are the most important piece for you on your yoga journey. You don’t need to splurge and burn a hole in your pocket to get everything related to yoga but a couple of things and you’ll be all set for a session.

Yoga mats are rectangular PVC mats that you can roll out when you want to practice. They provide a firm base for you when you are trying different positions. Thicker mats ranging from 5-9mm are a great start to cushion yourself while performing yoga. They last longer and are more comfortable. However, they aren’t travel friendly. Thinner, skinner mats ranging from 4mm and below, are light as a feather and you can pick and carry them. They help you stay connected to the floor.

Choose natural rubber or PVC as they have the best grip on the floor. They do not move or slide even when you’re performing intense positions. Select a mat of at least the same or more height as yourself. And, if you have a little one at home who loves accompanying you for a workout, there are colourful, cartoon-themed mats as well. Include them in your yoga sessions.

Many online stores like Saral home are dedicated to giving the best experience to their customers. Quality products that don’t cost you your arm and your leg are a big yes in today’s world where inflation is perpetual. Also, enjoy benefits like easy payments and delivery when you shop here. Just browse, select your style, have a look at the colours, add it to your cart and buy. As easy as a walk in the park. Well, what did you think it would be? We’re talking comfort here.

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