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Everything you need to know about bathmats

Oftentimes, bathrooms are overlooked when a home interior is in progress. But if you think, it is the place in your house where you spend time with yourself. It’s the most intimate place on this planet. So not make it an oasis. Well not in reality, but whynot? Wink.

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Is a bathroom even complete without a bathmat? Keeping you safe from wet floors and falls, a bathmat is a waterproof piece that generally helps you wipe your feet before your exit the bathroom. It could also be used while having a shower as it prevents you from slipping because of wet floors.

About 90 per cent of the falls in a bathroom are because of a wet floor. While the number sounds high, the risk involved is also high. A bathroom is a very small area so when a person falls, it could happen that they hit their head or back or even other body parts. So to make sure it doesn’t happen, a bath mat is of utmost importance in any home.

Another important benefit of a bathmat is that it saves you from cold floors in winters. This is just the start, let's delve into knowing more about bathmats like which materials are best for you, what size to look for and how can you make them a stylish way to decorate your bathroom.

Different materials of bathmats

  1. Synthetic Bathmats
  2. As these are made to mimic natural materials synthetic bath mats do not absorb a lot of water. as a result, they dry quickly and are easily washable.

  3. Cotton bathmats
  4. Perfect for little toes, cotton bath mats are easy on your little one’s feet and they are best to avoid slipping. The absorption capacity is what makes them very popular among many households.

  5. Natural fibre
  6. These bathmats are made with grass fibres (coconut or rush), so they are quite capable of absorbing water.

Different shapes of a bath mat

You’d asked what’s in a shape but a lot of people nowadays are focusing on shapes to enhance the look of their bathroom.

Bath mats come in many shapes. As there are different bathroom sizes, bath mats are made to suit each of these.

If you have a rectangular bathroom, you can select an oval-shaped bath mat to create a dramatic effect. There are many other shapes like animal-shaped, sports accessories-shaped or toy shaped bath mats available in the market. While the regular shapes are made for adults, colourful and fun shaped ones are for kids.

What design do you prefer?

Simple, complex, fun or just something that works, every design speaks of you. So select something that you relate to.

When it comes to design, you can look for something that complements your bathroom interior. If you have a water-themed tile or wall, a bath mat that resembles green grass or pebbles can go well with it. If you love a monochromatic look, then a single coloured bath mat can do wonders to keep the look intact while also proving functional.

If you like something that stands out, then a spot of colour is a great choice. Go for a dark shade if your floor is light in colour. Chocolate or mud brown, a wine coloured mat or even a charcoal grey one does the job. If you are feeling creative, then why not look for colour-blocked ones that have an abstract design.

If you want to extend your style into your bathroom as well, then a fancy, star-shaped or rainbow shaped rug is a great pick. Most of the styles on market sometimes do not come with rubber and strong backing so check for that first. You don’t want to end up slipping through a rainbow and hurt yourself. Check for colour fast ones as these will be exposed to water for a larger part of the day.

Love a little underwater life kind of infusion in your bathroom? Get yourself a fish shaped bath mat. It’s eye-catching and can also be a way of learning about other species for your kids.

If you like modern looks, bathroom mats and rugs with clean, geometric lines look great. If you like something from mid-century times, then go for birds and colours. They bring a sense of chirpiness to your bathroom while also cushioning your feet.

Let’s talk about safety

Bath mats generally come with a non-slip coating. They are made for the very purpose so that the person standing on them doesn’t slip and fall prey to injuries. But that doesn’t mean you buy these without checking. Check for the backing properly. A strong rubber backing is the most critical part of a bath mat.

If you like a bath mat and unfortunately, it doesn’t have a reliable backing, then fret not. Pick your design and there are many places where you can get a backing fixed for your bath mat. Some people also put a mat on a mat with rubber backing to create an effect while also covering up for the lack of rubber backing.

Which size of bath mat is perfect for you?

This one totally depends on your bathroom size and usage of your bathroom. If there is only one person using the bathroom, then a small bath mat would suffice. Also, if you like to have a shower in your bathtub then an oval or a rectangular bath mat is the best option to prevent falls.

A standard bath mat is always around 20 x 30 inches in size.

If you have a huge bathroom, then you can either cover the floors with multiple bath mats. Here you can play with colours and create a statement look. Or, you can get a big water-proof bath mat to cover a larger portion of the bathroom floor. But before you do it, make sure to take a look at the wet portions of your bathroom. You do not need a mat in your entire bathroom.

How to take care of your bath mat?

Cleaning: As bath mats are water-proof, you can clean them with soap and water. If you do not like to hand wash, then look for mats that can be put into the washing machine. These mats are exclusively designed to take the churning of the washing machine and come out bright, clean and shiny.

Bath mats that cannot go into a machine, can be spot cleaned or air dried. You can bring them out in the sun when everyone’s done with their shower. This way you also reduce the chances of a damp mat affecting the health of your family members.

Changing bath mats when they wear off is a routine you should follow periodically. Do not place any worn or overused bath mats in any bathroom as it could increase the chances of falling and thereby injuring you.

At Saral home, we also have contours with bath mats to make sure you have a complete bathroom experience. We believe in no wet feet.

While you’re at it, why not match your bathroom mat with a rug, a bin and a set of towels for your bathroom. Excited for a 5-star experience every day, aren’t you?

Many online stores like Saral home are dedicated to giving the best experience to their customers. Quality products that don’t cost you your arm and your leg are a big yes in today’s world where inflation is perpetual. Also, enjoy benefits like easy payments and delivery when you shop here. Just browse, select your style, have a look at the colours, add it to your cart and buy. As easy as a walk in the park. Well, what did you think it would be? We’re talking comfort here.

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